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Hotel Business Review is the first and only bi-monthly magazine exclusively focussed at Indian hotel business. The magazine provides exclusive editorial content with specific objective to produce valuable information source, to assist owners and hotel executives in maximizing their business. It offers fresh information on leadership style and management techniques to key decision makers. Critical to success is access to quality database. The circulation of the magazine offer maximum qualified respondents with highest volumes of purchases. The primary focus is at Corporate Management, Projects & Facility Planning and top-end Operational Management of the hotel business
Bakery Review is a bi-monthly magazine provides the latest information to the professionals seeking knowledge of the fast changing Indian Bakery & Confectionery industry. The magazine offers in-depth information on the issues that largely affect the bakery business in India. ‘Bakery Review’ explores the new growth areas and latest developments in the baking industry. The magazine focus on the trends and developments in the Commercial, Retail, In-store Bakeries and Foodservice industry along with allied industries like Milling, Dairy, Snack Food industries. It provides articles on the new techniques, equipment, recipes etc. The magazine provides exclusive reach to the bakery professionals in India. The only of its kind magazine assists owners to enhance there knowledge for future business growth.

Food & Beverage Business Review – a bi-monthly magazine covering the entire gamut of activities that define the institutional Food & Beverage business – from “Farm to Fork”, right from Agri Produce and Meat Products to Dairy, Food Processing, Bakery, Beverage, Equipment, Cuisine, Marketing & Retail and other related issues. The magazine goes behind the scenes to give the F&B professional information, news and features about the business. The objective of the magazine is to develop a proper institutional marketing synergy between Food & Beverage, Food Processing, Foodservice and Food Retail Industry. The range of the articles covers food services, processing, food retail, equipment, themes & designs, technology, food hygiene, marketing & training etc.

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Treading on virgin territory, HAMMER forged in the publication orb, to fill the yawning gap in the industry about information and knowledge. HAMMER introduced bi-monthly magazines, – ‘Food & Beverage Business Review’ for foodservice and organised food retail business, – ‘Hotel Business Review’ focusing on providing information to the owners and business executives in the fast growing hotel business, – Bakery Review for bakery and confectionery professionals.

Only-of-its-kind magazines in India, they reach out to the targeted markets in over 417 cities to more than 27,000 institutions, read by over 40,000 professionals at operational, project & corporate level. The right mix of quality content, credibility and superior production values and above all reach are the major factors that decided their success. The magazines provides exclusive editorial content with specific objective to produce valuable information source, to assist readers in maximising their business. It also offers fresh information on leadership style and management techniques to key decision makers in business.


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Women Cooking up a Storm?

The term ‘Women in kitchen’ is attaining new meaning today. From women in the kitchens at home to women chefs in the F&B outlets in hospitality industry they have steadfastly, despite several handicaps, made a solid and sturdy progress. The result is that today women in India are ruling the roost in several F&B kitchens.As women entrepreneurs and achievers break glass ceilings in every field in India, Ashok Malkani raises a toast, on this International Women’s Day, to those who have carved a name for themselves in the hospitality industry – particularly in the F&B segment – and examines the role, opportunities and prospects of female chefs in India.

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Meditating on the Scrumptious Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine, which does not belong to any particular culture but refers to culinary styles of people living in regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, is popular in India due to the huge variety it offers. Mediterranean food has developed not as national cuisine of any country but as a variety of regional cuisines based on diversified regional influences.

You are never late with Choco-Late

Chocolate, which is used in all types of desserts like cakes, candies, puddings et al., is also believed to be good for health. The cocoa beans in the chocolate contain dopamine, phenylethylamine, caffeine, and anandamide, which is considered to be a happy neurotransmitter in the brain.

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Maintaining Hygiene Amidst Pandemic

Restaurants which were humming with activity and serving a full house on Valentine’s Day last year are now, with strict observance of social distancing and other SOPS due to the pandemic, having only about 25% of the occupancy. This unprecedented situation has arisen as the people are concerned about their health and are not sure about whether it is truly safe to dine out – or even order food from the neighborhood restaurant. Under these circumstances, it is imperative for F&B outlets to be vigilant about food safety.

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Bright Sunshine for Cloud Kitchens

The pandemic has created new norms in all walks of life. Restaurateurs, with SOPs like social distancing and allowing only 50 per cent accommodation for their dine-in clientele, after adopting drive-ins and takeaways, are now contemplating on cloud kitchens. A cloud kitchen is, basically speaking, a restaurant with no costs on rent, electricity, waiters or any other fixed charge. In the post-Covid world cloud kitchens have become a favourite venture for investors.

Packed To Perfection

The pandemic has made the people more aware of consuming healthy food products, which are untouched by hand. Health is high up on the priority list and there is thus a leaning towards baked food, which is considered to be more nutrient. The bakery industry is thus seeing an increasing demand for its products. However, since the consumers are also insisting on products untouched by hand, packaging is assuming an increasing role in bakery products.

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