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Who Are We?
HAMMER, with its focus on the niche publication segment, started in year 1999 with a team of professionals having 25 years of experience and had propensity, classiness and expertise. The objective of the organization is to provide quality, enhanced and concise information among the focused audience in a specific industry segment, all over India. The information provided is of the industry, by the industry, for the industry.

What Is The Need?
With a more liberalized business culture, improved socioeconomic factors and globalization of the Indian business, the professionals in industry demands “value information”. The Indian market is today flooded with new industries, products, brands and services. The technology from international markets has goaded the Indian unorganized sector to go systematic and effective, which in turn has induced a new thrust for growth of industry. To be competitive in this changing scenario, industry is now focusing on investing in technology, product development, marketing, manpower, training and consumer education. Price being the cutting edge in competition, cost reduction through cost-effective measures is also a must. It is imperative for industry professionals to be well equipped with latest and updated information, constantly.

What Is Our Objective?
Media plays a direct role in disseminating this much needed information. It is very important in today’s Indian business scenario that the information provided should focus on precise segment of the industry in an elaborated form. Thus, it is important that the media should also be tailor-made for a specific industry. Undoubtedly, a special interest niche publications delivers better value and follow-up when weighed against the general publications. The advertisers reach out to the targeted market through niche publications, where every reader matters in order to save on diffused information, readers and also the advertising cost. The publication acts as a perfect bridge between the buyer and the seller.



The magazines help in reaching the focus audience without any diffused cost, in the most economical manner. It also helps in reaching new & unknown markets.


These magazines help
Pan – India presence in more than 417 cities across India.



The editorial team focuses on providing articles of interest for a wide spectrum of food & hotel establishments.


Cost Effective

These magazines help in  reaching the focus audience without any diffused cost, in the most economical manner. It also helps in reaching new & unknown markets.

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