Cookie is Cocky

Demand for healthy bakery products, particularly cookies, is increasing in India due to active lifestyle of consumers’ looking for convenient eating options. Millennials, who form a major percentage of the working population in India, are a driving force behind the consumer trends today.

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Bakery Trends for 2022

As we step into the New Year and communities and supply chains reopen, though still fragile, there are several changes that one is likely to see in the near future in the bakery industry. But, one may add, that though many consumers are open to something new, after nearly two years of limited options and mobility, they don’t want to be rushed into rash decisions as far as eating habits are concerned.

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F&B Outlets & The Pandemic

F&B outlets – whether they be fine dine, QSRs or bars – have all been adversely affected by the pandemic and have taken various steps to induce the customers to return to their hospitality properties. Adopting measures to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, not only in the outhouse but also in the kitchen, have been a priority in these outlets. Efforts of the management have not only been to assure diners’ health and wellbeing but also that of their employees.

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Women Cooking up a Storm?

The term ‘Women in kitchen’ is attaining new meaning today. From women in the kitchens at home to women chefs in the F&B outlets in hospitality industry they have steadfastly, despite several handicaps, made a solid and sturdy progress. The result is that today women in India are ruling the roost in several F&B kitchens.

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Meditating on the Scrumptious Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine, which does not belong to any particular culture but refers to culinary styles of people living in regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, is popular in India due to the huge variety it offers. Mediterranean food has developed not as national cuisine of any country but as a variety of regional cuisines based on diversified regional influences.

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You are never late with Choco-Late

Chocolate, which is used in all types of desserts like cakes, candies, puddings et al., is also believed to be good for health. The cocoa beans in the chocolate contain dopamine, phenylethylamine, caffeine, and anandamide, which is considered to be a happy neurotransmitter in the brain.

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